My Blog Talk Radio Show is OFF the CHARTS!

Very INTERESTING news! My Blog Talk Radio show “Whispers in the Dark” is attracting a LOT of listeners! LIVE listens are just a few DEVOTED fans, but Downloads are OFF the charts!! I usually have between 300 to 500+ downloads each month, (My best single show was my Christmas Show in 2010 where I had nearly 1000 downloads) but July 2012 was nearly 2000 downloads! And So far in August it’s it OVER 1800 and we’re only HALF way through this month! I am SO surprised!

Thank you all for telling your friends about my show, my recordings of poetry and stories, my WONDERFUL guests and of course my Full-Cast Audio Dramas! You have made this Vampire VERY happy!

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June 27, 2012 update

I don’t update this often enough, but I noticed that there have been several people following my blog here. I post on Facebook daily, I update my website as projects release, but I don’t update here often enough. So for that I am sorry.

Well – “Lilith’s Children” was moved from Darker Projects after the first month. (Don’t ask – LOL) It has been running on my friend Jeff Nile’s site The 4077th. Here is the link to all the episodes so far:

The series has 2 more episodes for this season which I hope to complete soon. The best news is that I just got a VERY good review! You can read it here:

I have been BUSY with several new series too. My first Steampunk Audio Drama, “Victoria! Empress of the Universe” (You can hear a teaser here: ). I am working on the first episode which will be released soon. These first few episodes will have Sherlock Holmes (played by Jeff Niles) and Dr. Watson (Played by Elie Hirschman) solving a murder mystery which will take them to Mars!

I have completed the first episode of a 3-part series based on a short story by Megan Hussey called “Behold the Beauty”. This is an Adult Fairy tale, a sort of “Reversed” Beauty and the Beast. It is Adult, contains sexual content and is rated NC-17.

Jeff Niles and I are planning to do a series based on the book series “The Afterlife Series” by Bambi Harris. The first episode of the first season named “Death and other Inconveniences” (after the first book of the series) will premier in October. We are VERY excited! This will be a VERY long running series! There are 6 books! Bambi has created a fantastic world and we are so glad to present it to Audio.

We also have “The Victorian Asylum” based on the stories by Karen Elizabeth Waters! This is a dark, frightening story about women imprisoned (for the most part wrongfully) for just being insane. The Victorian Medical knowledge of the age misdiagnosed “Female Disorders” as insanity, and the doctors and staff at this Asylum are doing more to increase sorrow rather than alleviate it. I plan a first Episode by October as well.

And then Christmas has a Surprise coming as well!

I produced a few Short Audio stories with the 4077th:

My reading of “The Raven” was VERY well received :

“Prisoner of Love” – my Valentine’s Day offering :

And there is more. Voice work in Several audio productions, recording audio works for my radio show, production work, writing, etc. So I have been BUSY!

My Blog Talk Radio show passed 50 episodes and will be back again in July after a much needed hiatus.

My Blog Talk Radio show is :

Follow me on Twitter:


and my website:


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I heard that Darker Projects ( ) needed someone to narrate a new Doctor Who Drama “Doctor Who: The Infinity Doctors (On Darker Projects after Sept 26). I applied and was immediately cast in the role. Since doing the first Episode out of the three of Infinity Doctors, I met several Voice Actors and Producers and got involved in other projects as well! Jeff Niles Presents and his Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes.

I wrote an original 10 episode Series titled “Lilith’s Children”. I recorded the first 9 minutes of Episode One and sent it to Darker Projects. They were immediately interested in adding it to their list of Original Drama! It premiered Sept 7th 2011 and is doing VERY well!

Here is the YouTube Promo for it:

And here is my Facebook page for the series:

And I have a “Lilith’s Children” page on my Website with artwork of the characters by David Hanson.

There will be a Novelization of “Lilith’s Children” near the end of the first Season – There are several Seasons planned! I think this will be BIG! I am hoping to see a Graphic Novel (Comic Book) by David Hanson as well!

I am preparing a few other projects to propose to Darker Projects, and I am involved in several of their other productions doing voice work (Battlestar Galactica: The Two Galacticas). I will be involved in the Christmas Episode of “The Byron Chronicles”! I hear that I have a juicy role!

Whispers in the Dark on Blog Talk Radio just had it’s 37th Episode – Eric Busby, Jeff Niles and I discussed our upcoming projects!–episode-37



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News and updates

I haven’t kept up with my blog in several months…

My radio show “Whispers in the Dark” is doing well. I just did Episode 23!

My Christmas Eve episode has nearly 1000 downloads! WOW!

I have a NEW website:

AND I just did voice work on a new YouTube video!

“Floating Over the Abyss” written by Lasla Moore, read by Viktor Aurelius, video by Yvonne Mason. WOW!

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My first Two Hour episode of “Whispers in the Dark”

It was exciting doing a longer version of my Blog Talk Radio show! It was something I have been waiting to to. Reciting poetry and stories based in the Paranormal  is always my passion, but now we have expanded the show to have time for guests who actually WORK in the Paranormal Realm!  I plan on having Investigators, Psychics and those who can actually communicate with the spirit world on more episodes in the future!

A lot more people are listening to the live broadcast and we already had 17 downloads since Midnight.

Josh Langenberger, our guest from NJ True Paranormal was fantastic! He will return with another of his team members on the June 29th show!  Lots of scary and interesting incidents!  You MUST listen to the show if you haven’t already!

I recited poems by Lesa Dyer Cross and her “Dark Lord” Armand Sang – Beautiful writing! The passion, the love and the longing will melt your heart and it’s been remarked that it is a little naughty too! I enjoy reading them!

Lesa also gave us some insight into her world of being a “Crosser” (Like the Ghost Whisperer) – fascinating and frightening at the same time. I almost teared up when she told one story about a little girl.  Listen to the show – it was FANTASTIC!

Donna Marie was with us – it will be hard to get her back since her schedule changed and she works nights. I am SO HAPPY that she was able to make it for our first Two Hour episode! I recited “Bloodwine” – a piece that she wrote for Valentine’s Day 2009, wonderful writing!!!  And she presented a brand new piece “Beware the Moon!!!”  – LOVED IT!!!  We need more Werewolf stories from Donna!

Lanaia Lee’s “The Rain” and “The Island” were her usual FANTASTIC writing!!! She is a genius!  It amazes me how well she writes and how many subjects and genres she can write in!

Thank you Lady Cathryn for calling in!!! It was a thrill to hear you on the show!!! 🙂  There will be some of her work recited on the next episode!

Thank you ALL for being on the first Two Hour show!!!!  It was a PLEASURE! Things will be getting better from here – so listen in and be a part of the show!

Vic (Viktor Aurelius)–episode-10

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