News and updates

I haven’t kept up with my blog in several months…

My radio show “Whispers in the Dark” is doing well. I just did Episode 23!

My Christmas Eve episode has nearly 1000 downloads! WOW!

I have a NEW website:

AND I just did voice work on a new YouTube video!

“Floating Over the Abyss” written by Lasla Moore, read by Viktor Aurelius, video by Yvonne Mason. WOW!


About voicemanvic

I have a Blog Talk Radio show "Whispers in the Dark" where I portray a 2000 year old Vampire (Viktor Aurelius) who enjoys reciting Gothic Poetry, Dark Stories and interviewing guests. I am also interested in doing professional voice acting in commercials, voice-overs and in motion pictures. I have voiced Computer Games, Videos, Documentaries, Cartoons and MANY Audio Productions! Check out my website: where you can hear mp3s of my work as Viktor Aurelius and now you can find links to my YouTube videos there as well. Make sure to go to "The 4077th Productions"! Where Jeff Niles and I produce MANY Full-Cast Audio Productions. New episodes are always premiering! Visit all my Facebook pages if you really want to keep up with my career: My radio show page: My fan page: My other Radio Show and production Company Page: My "Lilith's Children" FB Page: My "Victoria! Empress of the Universe" FB Page: My "Lance Hardwick Mysteries" FB Page:
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